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Pc Onhand Compilerv0.41
Written By Mustafa "GnoStiC" TUFAN

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For those who are not really familiar with C, this Basic compiler might just be THE solution for you. It's not completely finished yet (not all instructions have been implemented) but after reviewing the project, I really believe you can make some pretty nice programs with it already.  Due to the lack of interest in this project, GnoStiC decided to discontinue with this project.  

Included in the zip file, you'll find a readme.txt file with some instructions on how to compile a program and a readme2.txt file with a list of basic instructions.

The source files have an .ohb extension and can be edited with a regular text editor.

The developer, GnoStiC, also included several examples which should help you on your way with the development of your program. Just don't forget to send us your results so we can share them with the rest of the OnHand world!