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PcOH-C For Windows v1.0

Are you looking for an easy to use C-compiler to develop OnHandPC programs? 

PcOH-C For Windows gives you an all in 1 solution:

  • Build in Editor
  • Compiler with easy error tracking
  • Fast Project Builder
  • OnHand Emulator support
  • Easy Upload function to watch
  • SDK Help information
  • ANSI C Guide

Why PcOH-C For Windows?

2 keywords: Faster and Easier!

Faster:  With PcOH-C For Windows you can create applications for your watch without switching back and forward to DOS.  Since PcOH-C For Windows offers an all in one solution, your development time will definitely be shorter.  With just a simple click, you are able to check your programs for errors and by clicking on the error you will automatically jump to the line where the error occurs.  To help you test your application, you are able to upload your application to your watch by just a click, or simply run the Emulator written by Fumi.  Great job Fumi!

Easier: You don't need to figure out how to compile or build a program since all this is done by our compiler.  We have a very extensive help file that does not only explain you how to use this program, but also includes an SDK manual and even an ANSI-C Guide.  It's not a complete guide but it will surely help you get started.  Wondering how the pv_kput command works?  Just enter "pv_kput" in the editor, push F1, and you will receive information on how to use this command.    It's that easy!

one more thing ... It's FREE!

IMPORTANT: Before installing our software, make sure that you installed the SDK (Software Development Kit) from Matsucom.  The SDK can be found on your OnHand CD, or can be downloaded: (13.3MB)

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Please don't forget to send us the programs you developed with our software!

Release Information:
5/12/02 - v1.0 First Release